Friday, December 31, 2021

Oula Kings Band - Rose Akoth / Malowa Tobby


I know my next steps for improving sound, since it seems like wasting time until then to rip. I'll only rip/upload stuff that i have in quite good condition so i don't have to post process anything.
 Here you got a single by Oula Kings Band on Rahuma label, never heard of either and can't find info online. Copy signed by who knows who
Both sides quite good, a bit of soukous influence i'd say

Go explore the youtube in the meantime if you in need of good music ;) : Monkey D. Sound

*About colors of labels on this post and others, they are the same, the light is right next to the turntable and my phone's camera depending on the distance from which i'm taking the picture the color gets completely distorted

Sunday, December 26, 2021

More Test Press : Les Ndalani Kings - Yua Yasondo/Osa Mbete + Teen-Age 03

Teen-age label is on discogs though i have no clue as to what Teen-age 03 is, as for VER-01 no clue as to what the label might be, youtube copyrights found it though edit the tags. Both seem like 80's prods